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While Lawn Rangers offers various programs and services, we can also customize a program suited best for you.

Just call and talk to us so we can arrange the best price for you.

Weekly Grass Cutting & Trimming Services

Monthly prices start at $145.00 per month plus HST.


Lawn Rangers "LawnStar" All Natural Program
from $255.00 plus HST
LawnStar is a completely pesticide free program designed to enhance the wellness of your lawn by applying all natural products to the turf areas.

LawnStar includes Three granular fertilizers and two Fiesta weed sprays and no charge visits to your lawn if there is a problem that arises in between applications.

  • Granular Spring Fertilizer
  • Spring FIESTA weed control
  • Granular Summer fertilizer
  • Fall FIESTA weed control
  • Fall Granular Fertilizer

( * Based on 4000 sq. ft. total property size. Per visit, HST extra.
Seniors over 65 may deduct 10%.)
**Programs and services may be altered to comply with Local Municipal By-Laws and Provincial Legislation. Additional costs may apply.

Fertilizer & Aeration Program $175.00 plus HST
  • Spring Granular Fertilizer
  • Summer Granular Fertilizer
  • Fall Granular Fertilizer
  • Core Aeration

( * Based on 4000 sq. ft. total property size. Per visit, HST extra.
Seniors over 65 may deduct 10%.)
**Programs and services may be altered to comply with Local Municipal By-Laws and Provincial Legislation. Additional costs may apply.

Core Aeration
What is Aeration?
Aeration is the naturally occuring process of air exchange between the soil and its surrounding atmosphere. Practically speaking, aeration is the process of mechanically removing small plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn to improve soil aeration.

Benefits of Aeration
  • enhance soil water uptake
  • improve fertilizer uptake
  • improved turfgrass rooting
  • reduced water runoff and puddling
  • enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance
  • enhanced that breakdown

Why is Aeration Necessary?
Core AerationIn most home lawns, the natural soil has been disturbed by the building process. Fertile topsoil may have been removed or buried during excavation of the basement or footings, leaving subsoil that is more compact and higher in clay contact. These lawns need aeration to improve the depth and extent of grass rooting. The more a lawn is exposed to 'traffic', the more it is exposed to stress - eg, walking, playing and mowing are forms of traffic that compact soil and stress lawns. Compaction is greater on heavy clay soils then on sandy soils.

Aeration helps heavily used lawns and lawns growing on compacted soils by improving the depth and extent of turgrass rooting, allowing better water uptake, enhancing fertilizer use and speeding up thatch breakdown.

Most home lawns are subject to thatch build up and if that thatch is left unmanaged it can lead to serious maintenance and pest problems. If you do have a compacted lawn, an aeration AND a dethatching program would be best suited for your lawn. DETHATCHING: Is the process of removing the thatch layer from the turf. This process is done mechanically with a dethatching unit (power raking).

What should you expect?
Following an aeration process the lawn will be dotted with small plugs pulled out from the soil. Within a couple weeks these plugs of thatch and soil break apart and disappear back in to the lawn. About 7-10 days after the holds will be filled with white, actively growing grass roots. These roots are a sign that the turfgrass is responding to the additional oxygen, moisture and nutrients in the soil from the aeration process.

On compacted soils and on sloped lawns, you will see an immediate difference in the water puddling and runoff after a rainfall. After an aeration the lawn will be able to go longer between watering times and with repeat aerations over time the lawn will show enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance.

Clean Up & Grass Cutting!
Ask about our grass cutting service - our team will come out and leave your lawn looking manicured and well kept all season long. We start our cutting season in May and go to the end of October. But if you only need us to cut while you are away then there is no problem to organize a schedule. ! We also provide services for yard clean up! Based on a first hourly cost of $95.00 and $65.00 for each hour following, there is nothing our crew can't handle! Please book your spring clean up before April 27th.

Spring Yard Clean Up
If you are interested in having your lawn raked, gardens prepped, edged, branches trimmed, etc., please contact the office so I may take down your exact requirements.
Our goal is to make your lawn thicker and healthier.
The pesticide laws that continue to be enforced prohibit our use of pesticides in most areas. This has encouraged us to look at other methods of giving you that healthy lawn you want! Our latest program, LawnStar, which we have been using for over three years, has proven to be one of the few recommended and successful methods to keep weeds under control and your lawn pest free. This program enhances the health of your lawn and deters weeds and insects from growing and infestation.
Residential and Commercial Services

 Ontario Pesticide Law Update
Click here: News Release: 250+ Pesticides Banned For Cosmetic Uses: McGuinty Government’s Pesticide Ban Takes Effect April 22.

• Pesticide Products are to be banned in all retail stores
• Most municipalities in Southern Ontario now prohibit the use of   pesticides

Warning Many towns enforce bylaws prohibiting the use of pesticides. The Ontario government wants to pass one law, governing all of Ontario, to outlaw the use of pesticides. This includes removing all pesticides from consumer shelves. The government of Ontario will regulate the sale and use of pest control products by introducing a ‘banned list’ of products that can no longer be used or sold in the province of Ontario. This list will be available in the near future.

It is our hope that the government will carefully evaluate the products they are removing so that we may continue to provide weed & pest free lawns to Ontario homes. We understand and respect the law enforcements, it is our hope that the government will grant us safe, low-risk products to control infestations that are damaging to the turf areas.

Special Offer
Lawn Rangers is proud to present the following special offer.

Register for any program and receive ½ price on CORE AERATION. Based on size of property Value $60 to $120. Approximate lot size, eg. 50' x 120'.

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