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Lawn Rangers and Sutton Town and Country Realty - Providing Free Lawn Cutting for One Entire Season Book your Spring Clean Up now and receive a FREE AERATION
Spring Clean Up
Book your Spring Cleanup now as we are coming out on a first come, first serve agenda this year given the damage from the ice storm this winter and all the branches down off the trees!

Please reserve your spot by
April 15th if possible.

  • Complete Property Maintenance
  • Weekly Grass Cutting - small to estate size properties
  • Organic Lawn Care Programs
  • Licensed Weed, Fertilizer & Insect Programs (where bylaws permit)
  • Sodding & Overseeding
  • And more!

  • Complete Property Maintenance
  • Weekly Grass Cutting & Trimming
  • Tree Removal/Hedge/Tree Trimming
  • Core Aeration
  • De-thatching with Clean Up
  • White Grub Application (where bylaws permit)
  • Disease (Fungal) Treatment
  • Overseeding / Triple Mix
  • Power Rolling
  • Sodding
  • Snow Removal & Salting
Property Maintenance Lawn Rangers is a family owned & operated business that has been servicing the east/north end of Toronto and the GTA for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on customer service and respond as quickly as possible to our customer's lawn care needs.

Our prices are competitive and our products are up to date with the latest in pesticide and organic products. Our technicians and grass cutters are well trained and knowledgable in their product application and treat each customer with respect and professionalism.

Cutting & Trimming Services

Let our professional crew of grass cutters come and cut and trim your lawn weekly. No more anxiety about having to cut the grass for company and you get to relax doing things you like! Our team will come out and leave your lawn looking manicured and well kept all season long. We start our cutting season in May and go to the end of October. But if you only need us to cut while you are away then there is no problem to organize a schedule tailored to your needs.

Introducing “FIESTA!”

“Fiesta”, is a new liquid that gives us the power to reliably control broadleaf weeds on your lawn, and reduce them to a manageable number as part of our promise to give you a green, healthy lawn.

Fiesta was developed as a natural, organic alternative to chemical pesticides. Health Canada and The Ontario Ministry of Environment approved it for use in May 2010. The active ingredient is iron – a nutrient our bodies need. The iron is bound to a special carrier so it is easy to dissolve in water and get into the weed.

Plants need iron too – it’s what makes the grass rich and green. Our carefully controlled method of application means only broadleaf weeds (plantain, dandylions) are affected. The weed’s tissues oxidize and die very quickly, turning the lawn-invading pests dark and dry (sometimes called necrosis). Our technique ensures your grass does not get a dangerous dose, so any residual Fiesta will just add to the colour of your lawn. Plus, since it is a liquid product, you don’t have to water it after application to get it to work. We spray, it dries, and you can relax. It is safe for children and pets to go on the lawn right after it dries.

This product is the same applications professionals use on golf courses.

Licensed Pesticide ApplicatorLawn Rangers uses only the finest turf products which in turn provide the essential nutrients to promote vigorous turf growth and health. Our trained technicians apply each application at the preferred time eliminating unwanted weeds and giving you optimum results!

Residential and Commercial Services Lawn Rangers is licensed with the Ministry of the Environment and Landscape Ontario.

Grass Cutting
Our weekly service is based on a 4 week month and we never charge extra if there is a 5th week in the month. Our crew comes out to cut, trim and leave your property looking neat and tidy on the same day each week. Prices start at $145.00 per month.

Core Aeration
Allows essential nutrients, oxygen and water to easily access the root system promoting healthy turf development...especially in compressed lawns.